Yo, Dawg, we heard you liked secrets

January 14th, 2013

…so we made your secret law secret so you can keep secret about your secrets!


EFF Gets Secret Interpretation Of FISA Spying Law… And It’s Almost Entirely Redacted

from the but-not-completely dept

We’ve talked about the absolute ridiculousness of having a secret interpretation of a US law on surveillance such that the law actually means something different than what most people (including the politicians voting on it) think it means — and yet the secret law remains in place for entirely secret reasons. The EFF, as part of an ongoing dispute over all of this, had submitted a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request concerning some testimony on that secret interpretation, and it got back a “relevant” document… which as almost entirely redacted.

We have gotten the government we deserve by re-electing the people who do crap like this.


Take a few minutes and read this

December 21st, 2012

Over the years, I’ve tried to write this exact essay, but I’m not a writer by any stretch of the imagination. Larry Correia is, did, and I’m sharing it with you.

An opinion on gun control

It is a lengthy piece, but plow through it, please.

This is me if I had money & talent

December 20th, 2012

Adam Savage & his Quest for the “Blade Runner” Blaster

The New Norm?

December 18th, 2012

Didn’t people go ape shit over a “Papers, Please” situation a while back. This is a whole new take on Community Policing:

Paragould police to start foot patrols

The Paragould Daily Press reports Stovall said the officers will be clad in protective gear and carry AR-15 rifles. Stovall says that if officers see people on the street, they’ll ask why they are out and ask to see identification.”


The Plan

December 17th, 2012

It occurs to me that I should probably split up this blog into a couple of distinct sections, one for personal news and updates, and another for opinion, screed, & funny internet memes. And, egad, do I need a new front page! Sounds like I have my Winter projects all lined up. Now if I could just get snowed in.

Back from the Undead

December 16th, 2012

This blog may yet live again.

If I seem a tad strident

January 11th, 2011

it’s because I have been involved in the gun control debate since the 1980′s. I’ve been involved with the gun control debate on the Internets since the mid-1990′s! Yep, if you know how to dig around you can see me arguing the same bullet points (pun intended) for twenty years.

So, while you might have been spurred to join the fray based on the constant drone of news coverage following the latest act of violence committed by a crazy person, I have not. All those charts and figures and facts that you link and FWD to me via email have probably been seen by me already. More than once in most cases.

(For the record, I am not going to name the spree-killers anymore. I ain’t in the killer notoriety bid’ness.)

When I see a new gun control argument I might fall over in a full-on faint. My personal arguments are generally based on the fact that an illness left me with reduced muscle strength. As such:

  • I cannot run. If I am threatened with harm, my ability to flee is laughable.
  • I cannot fight. For the same reason I cannot run, my ability to engage in hand-to-hand combat or use sticks or knives is pitiful.
  • I use semi-automatic firearms for self defense.  I cannot work the long, heavy triggers on revolvers enough to practice.

So, when you say you want to take away those things you are in effect saying “Screw you. We want you to be prey. We LIKE you. we just don’t TRUST you. ” You only want to keep guns out of the hands of crazy bad people? You really in your rational mind think that is best handled at the RETAIL level? Seriously?

Yes, people get killed by guns. Yes, that sucks on any scale. If you are worried about death on a massive scale, wouldn’t your energy best be spent addressing something that kills MILLIONS of people. How about childhood obesity? That would cover heart disease, stroke, diabetes and cancer. I can say with a high degree of certainty that a lot more people die of those things than by guns. But say guns death are your thing, I ask again, why handle that on the retail level? Why not address the root causes of violence, which are drugs, alcohol and poverty? Oh, I know. That would be hard. It is much easier to label people as bloodthirsty rednecks and go after them.

Active Shooters

November 6th, 2009

A while back I made an abnormally emotional post (Paradigm Shift) about the rise of Active Shooter incidents and the proper response to them. Now there has been another, this time at the U.S. Army base Fort Hood, Texas. It seem that local law enforcement acted in accordance with the new thinking on these ultra violent offenders by responding quickly and taking direct action to engage the gunman without extensive staging or coordination. While the number of dead and wounded is shocking the potential for greater suffering was immense with six hundred unarmed victims in the building.

My heart goes out to the victims and there family, and I applaud the bravery and sacrifice of the first responders who took action to stop the threat and rescue the wounded. Not to be overlooked are those bold men and women who identified the danger when violence broke out and acted to secure and protect those in the building avoiding further casualties.

On a related and totally personal note, if your cousin is accused of murdering thirteen co-workers and wounding thirty others, all fellow American soldiers, please don’t get on TV and say that he is “a good American.” Think of something else, like “he had a lovely singing voice” instead. KTHNX!

Too Close to Home

April 26th, 2009

Well, that which I ranted about has happened again, this time closer to home.  Not our home, mind you, but that of people we dearly love.

Professor Sought in Killings

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Athens —- A lone gunman turned a flawless spring day in this normally peaceful college town into a scene of chaos and horror Saturday, killing three people and wounding two at a community theater luncheon.

Police issued a nationwide alert for University of Georgia marketing professor George M. Zinkhan III after they said he gunned down his wife and two men at the Athens Community Theatre near downtown at 12:30 p.m. and then vanished.

The university notified 25,000 students through a text alert that a killer was on the loose, and a UGA Web site identified 57-year-old Zinkhan as the suspect in the slayings, which took place less than a mile from campus.

“We watched it happen,” said Beth Kozinsky, the theater’s membership director. “We were all in shock.”

Kozinsky said the theater company was hosting a homecoming lunch Saturday for current and former members when shots rang out.

Police say Zinkhan had been at the luncheon and argued with a man before leaving the building. Witnesses told police they saw Zinkhan, holding two handguns, re-enter the building from a parking lot and shoot the first victim at close range. [continued]

The only upside to this story is that it seems to be a simple rage or revenge killing, not s true mass shooting. Still, it is bad enough. I’d rather it happen around me instead of my friends. I’m not raising a kid or contributing to society in any meaningful way, so at least I’d have a shot (pun intended) at public service by removing a tumor from our collective corpus.

Are we numb?

April 6th, 2009

It’s a good question asked by MSNBC, a news outlet that can be a tad shrill for my tastes, but in this instance cooler heads prevailed and make some excellent points.

Has America Become Numb to Tragedy?

By Ted Anthony

updated 12:55 p.m. CT, Sun., April. 5, 2009

PITTSBURGH – Does the name Byran Uyesugi ring a bell? Odds are not. What about Robert A. Hawkins? Or Mark Barton? Terry Ratzmann? Robert Stewart?

Each entered the national consciousness when he picked up a gun and ended multiple lives. Uyesugi, 1999, Hawaii office building, seven dead. Hawkins, 2007, Nebraska shopping mall, nine dead. Barton, Ratzmann and Stewart — 24 dead among them in 1999 (Atlanta brokerage offices), 2005 (Wisconsin church service) and last week (North Carolina rehab center).

Each has been largely forgotten as the parade of multiple killings in America melts into an indistinguishable blur. We bemoan, we mourn, we move on.

And that list was cherry picked from a far lengthier tally of recent mass shootings in the United States. And now, this weekend, on a crisp, sunny Saturday morning in Pittsburgh, the lives of three police officers ended in gunfire after a domestic dispute turned lethal.

The mass shootings that left 14 people dead in Binghamton, N.Y., on Friday were horrifying, depressing, nationally wrenching. They were also, to some extent, unsurprising in a society where the term “mass shooting” has lost its status as unthinkable aberration and become mere fodder for a fresh news cycle.

“We have to guard against the senseless violence that this tragedy represents,” President Barack Obama said in Europe on Saturday. Senseless violence: Two centuries from now, if we’re not careful, it could be an epitaph for our era.

continue reading this article by clicking here

It’s a good article, so do check the rest out. Good job, Ted Anthonyof the AP