Active Shooters

A while back I made an abnormally emotional post (Paradigm Shift) about the rise of Active Shooter incidents and the proper response to them. Now there has been another, this time at the U.S. Army base Fort Hood, Texas. It seem that local law enforcement acted in accordance with the new thinking on these ultra violent offenders by responding quickly and taking direct action to engage the gunman without extensive staging or coordination. While the number of dead and wounded is shocking the potential for greater suffering was immense with six hundred unarmed victims in the building.

My heart goes out to the victims and there family, and I applaud the bravery and sacrifice of the first responders who took action to stop the threat and rescue the wounded. Not to be overlooked are those bold men and women who identified the danger when violence broke out and acted to secure and protect those in the building avoiding further casualties.

On a related and totally personal note, if your cousin is accused of murdering thirteen co-workers and wounding thirty others, all fellow American soldiers, please don’t get on TV and say that he is “a good American.” Think of something else, like “he had a lovely singing voice” instead. KTHNX!

2 Responses to “Active Shooters”

  1. Claire says:

    If only our armed services were trained better, all of this would have been avoided…

  2. Claire says:

    By the by, if anyone reads the above and nearly herniates, it’s a private joke between M and myself. ;)