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If I seem a tad strident

Tuesday, January 11th, 2011

it’s because I have been involved in the gun control debate since the 1980′s. I’ve been involved with the gun control debate on the Internets since the mid-1990′s! Yep, if you know how to dig around you can see me arguing the same bullet points (pun intended) for twenty years.

So, while you might have been spurred to join the fray based on the constant drone of news coverage following the latest act of violence committed by a crazy person, I have not. All those charts and figures and facts that you link and FWD to me via email have probably been seen by me already. More than once in most cases.

(For the record, I am not going to name the spree-killers anymore. I ain’t in the killer notoriety bid’ness.)

When I see a new gun control argument I might fall over in a full-on faint. My personal arguments are generally based on the fact that an illness left me with reduced muscle strength. As such:

  • I cannot run. If I am threatened with harm, my ability to flee is laughable.
  • I cannot fight. For the same reason I cannot run, my ability to engage in hand-to-hand combat or use sticks or knives is pitiful.
  • I use semi-automatic firearms for self defense.  I cannot work the long, heavy triggers on revolvers enough to practice.

So, when you say you want to take away those things you are in effect saying “Screw you. We want you to be prey. We LIKE you. we just don’t TRUST you. ” You only want to keep guns out of the hands of crazy bad people? You really in your rational mind think that is best handled at the RETAIL level? Seriously?

Yes, people get killed by guns. Yes, that sucks on any scale. If you are worried about death on a massive scale, wouldn’t your energy best be spent addressing something that kills MILLIONS of people. How about childhood obesity? That would cover heart disease, stroke, diabetes and cancer. I can say with a high degree of certainty that a lot more people die of those things than by guns. But say guns death are your thing, I ask again, why handle that on the retail level? Why not address the root causes of violence, which are drugs, alcohol and poverty? Oh, I know. That would be hard. It is much easier to label people as bloodthirsty rednecks and go after them.